26.11.2019–10.6.2020 | Lean Practitioners Program LPP 2020

Lean Practitioners Program LPP is an excellent program in problem solving. Training will benefit both Lean seniors as well as beginners.

During the LPP training the participants will conduct a real own A3 problem solving case. Participants will deepen their knowledge in problem solving and using A3 also as a communication tool.

Participants will learn also from other participants problem solving cases. In the beginning of the training a NDA will be signed. In order to optimize learning, it is recommended that each organization would have 2 or more delegates on the training.

Lean Association of Finland reserves the right to make changes. The training is arranged by Lean Association of Finland and will be delivered in collaboration with Lean Management Instituut from the Netherlands. The course language is English.

The course fee is 5500 € + VAT 24%

The dates of the four classroom sessions are:

  1. Session: 26. – 28. November 2019
  2. Session: 28. – 30. January 2020
  3. Session: 17. – 19. March 2020
  4. Session: 21. – 23. April 2020

Certification date and final presentations of A3 project: 9-10. June.2020

There are online one to one coaching sessions between each classroom session
Another Certification date will be provided later if needed.

Training locations will vary. The practice has been that the participants companies have hosted the sessions and they have given the possibility to gemba during the training session.

We will take only 12 participants to this training.

Apply soon!